Company Caltex Ltd., established in 1986. yrs, has a previous experience in textile industry. Production of flexible polyurethane foam started in 2001.
The company with its primary production of PU foam in structured in three main divisions:
1. Management
2. Production and processing of PU foam and memory foam
3. Production of mattresses and pillows

Caltex currently operates in a facility of 4000 m2 with a complete infrastructure.

Following market trends and need to complete and round up production processes Caltex furthermore invests in production facilities, starting production of regenerated foam and memory foam as well as implementing foam processing facilities which includes: cutting, shaping, grinding, etc.

Combining the previous experiences in the textile industry and the experience in production of PU foam new production lines were established. In 2008 we start with production of mattresses and pillows, made of high quality PU foam from our own production, which is a guaranty of quality and its constancy. The new brand name is SENSO. The experience gained throughout years helps creating a product which will satisfy our customers need for a healthy and comfortable sleep. All Senso mattresses respect environmental norms, and are certificated by approved institutions. The production facility is technologically fully equipped by European standards. A special feature of this production line is our ability to prepare raw material (textiles) for the final production respecting the customer’s needs (embroidery, quilting, etc.). To ensure quality control the company is currently implementing ISO standard (ISO 9001:2000).





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